• $70 for access until February 28th. Enjoy Glendale's outdoor courts during the summer.
    $70 (expires Feb 28 each year). Requires Active Family Membership.
  • Available to those with a 1 Year Family Membership and Tennis Court Access. Tennis Court Access (additional $70) expires Feb 28 each year. If you already have a tennis court key, you can exchange it without paying the tennis key deposit fee. The fee is only required if you do not already have a key.
    $20 for refundable key deposit
  • Any Glendale resident with a business affiliation my join. That includes a small business, home-based business, entrepreneur. The community association offers a means of reaching residents, creating peer-to-peer events and using the hall for special events.
    Free for 1 year
  • Free
  • 2021 Annual Garden Plot rental in the community garden.
    $35 per year


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